Inca Trail

4-Day trek Reservation (step 1)

In order to make a reservation, you will need to enter several information, in 5 steps. Take your time to enter all the information and don't hesitate to go back (selecting the corresponding tab) to verify and/or modify the information already entered.

Requiered Information

In a 5-step process, we will ask for several information, in each tab. This information is mandatory to make reservations.

Reservation is for a trek in 2019. If you want to do this trek in 2020, you can pre-reserve your trek now.
トレッキングを選択: (比較を見なさい)
トレッキングの日: (フルカレンダーを見る)
Attention! Only the days with available spaces can be selected in the calendar. The first available day is 11月 01.
人数: (children included)