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Last update: 2019 8月 01


The 4-day Inca Trail trek costs US$ 699, the 2-day trek US$ 659 and the Salcantay trek US$ 519. We are often asked about the price differences between these treks and why the 2-day Inca Trail trek is not half the price of the 4-day trek; or why the 5-day Salcantay trek costs US$ 180 less than the 4-day Inca Trail trek.

Our prices are not calculated per day, but logically per included services. For example, the entrance to the Inca Trail that we buy from the Government is much more expensive than the entrance to the Salcantay. The transfer from Cusco to the 4-day Inca Trail is much shorter than the other treks. The treks of the Inca Trail 2 days and the Salcantay include a hotel night accommodation. The 4-day Inca Trail includes 1 train ticket, the other treks include 2.

All this explains why our prices are calculated as fairly as possible, according to the services included and their respective prices.

Service 2-day Inca Trail 4-day Inca Trail Salcantay
Entrance price $$$ $$$$ $
Staff Guides during 2 days Porters, cooks and guides during 4 days Guides during 5 days
Accommodation 1 hotel night 3 camping nights 1 night in domes, 2 camping nights and 1 hotel night
Train tickets 2 1 2
Bus tickets 2 1 2
Transfer from Cusco 2 hours by tourist bus and 1 hour by train 2 hours by tourist bus 4 hours by tourist bus
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